Wednesday, June 30, 2010

already thinking about my next brief...

For those of you who doesn't really know what i do.
i do fashion design at whitehouse.
and i've just started my 5 weeks holiday.
yeah you guessed it. i've already been sketching and thinking of ideas/concept for my next brief.

Which would be a summer brief, three body collection, and including one print (that's all i know for now)

and i was hoping that the concept i've been thinking of would fit the rest of the brief

my concept is: what happens if the little red riding hood ate the wolf (yes i'm a bit obsessed :P)

so thinking dark red (similar to blood colour) floral top and the 'half-bitten' hem on my maxi dress, and a jumpsuit/romper (most probably romper). BUT that's not all.... SINCE the concept is so crazy and insane. i was thinking this little red riding hood has gone wild and a bit mental.

This is when the straitjacket comes in mind. buckles. using the same concept of a straitjacket having buckles and straps.

Yes i would definitely love to include that into my design.

A bit dark this time, but i'm excited!


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