Tuesday, July 6, 2010

taking me for granted...

here's a nice post about those who takes me for granted..

not trying to make myself look all innocent and angelic here, i'm no hero, but i give and give. i try to be the nicest person ever. i'm not two-faced. and i'd like to believe that i am genuinely nice, to all of my friends.

I've been teaching myself since i was a little girl, that i should ALWAYS be nice to everyone because you may never know when the time you need a favour may come, and it'd be a nightmare if that person you've been treating really badly is the only person on earth who could help you. Bottom-line is, that you may never know who your friends may become in the future. and THAT is part of the reason why i'm always nice to everyone... or at least i'd like to think that i am.

But i never get to be appreciated for the things i do for my friends. ever.

just like for my friends 17th birthday, i was the only one remembered and reminded her it was her birthday, i even got her a massive cupcake birthday cake, which i thought was very pretty and thoughtful. on my 18th birthday, no message, no txt, no happy birthdays. and we don't even talk anymore.

i throw you surprise parties, buy you expensive gifts, shout you lunch, drinks or dinner, plan night outs, listen to you, lent my shoulders to you when you needed it...

i treat all my friends the best i can, when i first got my p's i was the one that offered them lifts. where are they now.

on my 19th birthday, where were they.

is my kindness not enough for you, or am i just too nice, so you think you could take me for granted and know that i wouldn't mind, because i forgive easily. or is it that i am simply too nice, so you think it's alright to push me around and take me for granted.

don't do that. or you might regret later in life, when i've become very successful, and you want my help or anything from me. i might say no then.

think about it, what have i ever done to you to deserve this.

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  1. its very hard to find a true friend, especially in US "friend" does not reflect the actual meaning.