Saturday, July 17, 2010

what pisses me off the most...

those of you who know me for a long time you may know this...

what pisses me off the MOST is when i am genuinely telling the truth and the other person accused me of lying.

i hate hate hate that feeling. esp when that person doesn't even know me, and btw i have prove! so do not try to insinuate that i am a liar again and don't be rude to me! i have lost respect for you just so you know.

i got this new job not too long ago, in fact, the job interview was on wednesday afternoon and i started work on thursday morning the next day. As per usual i turned up to work 15-30 mins before my shift starts, i worked for 9 hours straight that day and was asked to wear all plain black clothing to work. Now, i do have a lot of black clothing, but they're all mainly summer-wear and mostly not plain at all, and i layered a 3/4 sleeves cardi on top of my black t-shirt. then you guessed it. i got myself sick. And what annoys me the most is that i wasn't informed till the end of my first shift that i have work on friday as well, But not at the same store. i was fine at the idea at first that they didn't give me much notice, however i turned up as usual earlier than when my shift starts, but this time i felt really unwell, though i kept pushing myself saying to myself that i shouldn't be so irresponsible i need to do this.

ofcourse in the end i really wasn't feeling too good and threw up in the restroom, so the manager sent me home for the rest of the day.

And yeah you guessed it. at the end of the shift i was told that i have work the next day and on sunday, didn't give me much notice this time either (AND working somewhere else again, so not where i worked on my first day, not even where i worked the second day)...

i was seeing two of her, and hearing echo voices, i couldn't hear her properly so i just nodded and said yes to whatever she asked/told me.

i know how stupid of me...but i didn't know what i was doing at the time...

But this morning i woke up felt really sick had the constant feeling of needing to throw up again all morning, i've decided to call in sick. i tried four times already, but their user was busy, means someone was using the phone, so ive decided to take a 10 min nap and try again. 5th time trying, finally got someone to pick up the phone. And i didn't get that good a response from the manager whom i've never met before.

when i told her it was the fifth time i was trying she said something along the lines of "bullshit, there's always someone next to the phone" and then i didn't even get the chance to say anything and apparently she RELIED on me to show up... and said thank you very much for calling in sick so last minute... (she was being sarcastic obviously)

now, i've JUST started like two days ago, no one's told me my rights and responsibilities yet,

I'm not under any form of contract yet,

and no one has told me about my rates yet

they haven't got my tax file number nor my bank account yet...

now. how reliable do you want me to be when your company isn't so organised yourself??

so i've been feeling pretty used, wondering if they ever intent to pay me for the last couple of shifts i've done stupidly when i'm not under any contract and not knowing my rates... disappoint me...

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